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Improving Healthcare

ISO Leadership Development Institute

MAI philosophy: At mai we believe for long term imbediment of business management processes within a hospital it is necessary for the organization to develop internal consultants capable of managing the day to day implementation processes. This assists in the desired culture change to a cross functional, transparent, sustainable organization fully accountable for its outcomes.


Leader Development Institute for Process Leader Certification

MAI can develop your staff as leaders capable of implementing the MAI process management methodology. Process Leaders can lead implementations and facilitate project planning, and implementation. These leaders can play a critical role in developing and implementing programs that align the organization for success.
Our “Train-the-Trainer” program has proven to be an extremely effective method for embedding process management skills into an organization. The Leader Development Institute is an intensive skill development experience that provides in-depth concept knowledge, instructor training, and facilitation skills. Commonly referred to as an “LDI,” this experience prepares select employees to become MAI Process Leaders, certified to lead in-house implementations.
MAI intentionally uses the term Process Leader rather than instructor or trainer because the responsibilities include activities outside of the typical training environment. Process Leaders also serve as internal consultants, coaches, and facilitators.
LDI program attendees learn to: interpret the standard as it applies to the healthcare environment; serve as an effective Program Leader and process management consultant; and apply rational process management concepts to organizational issues, train internal resources in Internal Auditing and lead training in root cause analysis.

Program Leaders are selected in consultation with their organization and MAI. Effective Process Leaders should be involved in the day to day operations of the hospital. Typical positions that are effective as process leaders are: Quality Directors, PI Directors, Risk Managers, Training Directors etc.

Hospital: By embedding and supporting process management skills into the culture of an organization, Process Leaders capitalize on their organization’s investment and achieve measurable results.
Personal: The LDI can be a life and career changing experience that unleashes new talents, thinking processes, and opportunities.

Following the LDI, participants will be able to:
•Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards
•Describe each requirement in the content area, explain why it is important, and give specific guidelines for its use
•Demonstrate application capability
•Take a results-oriented focus
•Act as a process management consultant
•Apply each requirement of the standard to real hospital concerns
•Facilitate others in the use of the skills with real on-the-job issues
•Coach and critique others using process
•Demonstrate teaching capability
Process Leaders leave the LDI with an ability to motivate participants at the start of implementation project, test their understanding at critical junctions of the implementation, provide examples to help clarify points, and support case work and job application by responding to questions with key learning points.

Process Leaders spend extensive time preparing for their in-house implementation. A MAI professional is available during the implementation period for guidance, assistance, and to ensure that the program is properly implemented. A MAI consultant provides each Process Leader with ongoing support and assistance as well as a help desk and weekly webex meetings to support implementation.

MAI Leadership Development Program

The MAI LDI program is designed to provide sufficient skill development and ongoing consultative support to allow a hospital to successfully implement ISO 9001:2000 within their organization over an 18 to 24 month period. At the end of the course the participant will be issued a certificate as a certified internal implementer.

Program Specifics
•10 day intensive training course at MAI location
oParticipating hospitals are encouraged to send up to two participants to training
oIntense understanding of application to healthcare
oProject plan developed
oAll required systems procedures and manuals developed
oAll required PowerPoint presentations for training delivery
•On-site Management Overview-Each participating hospital will receive a one day presentation to senior management defining the requirements for a successful ISO implementation and the expected benefits from utilizing this methodology.
•On-site consulting-Each hospital will receive 9 on-site consultant visits for monitoring program implementation.
•4 day Internal Auditor Train the Trainer
oParticipating hospitals may send up to two participants to training
oInternal audit program will be developed for each hospital
oAll required PowerPoint presentations and forms for training delivery
oInternal Audit schedule developed
•5-day Root Cause Analysis Train the Trainer
oParticipating hospitals may send up to two participants to training
oCAR/PAR program will be developed for each hospital
oAll required PowerPoint presentations for training delivery
•Help desk available during normal business hours
•Dedicated consultant for each participating hospital
•Weekly Webex for questions and answer session
•5 Day Pre-assessment prior to registration audit
•Annual user’s conference